mgambrell . com

Hi, I'm Matthew Gambrell [ @xor_mgambrell_0 ].
I'm a console video game programmer. I specialize in 2d games and tools. I like C++ and C#. I don't like Unity, but... you know. I get along with js/ts, lua, and squirrel. I've used golang before.
Right now, I do 3DS, WiiU, NDS, Switch, Vita, PS3, PS4, PC; XNA if you ask nicely; Unity & IOS if you hold a gun to my head, and XB1 over my dead body. I know quite a bit about Nintendo's old consoles.
You should email me if you have a 2d PC (C++) or old console homebrew game you want to port, or NDS/3DS, or maybe even some old DOS or Amiga softs!
I'm trying to put more stuff on github lately. Stay tuned, I have big things planned.

Here's some buttons I made for porting stuff:
Here's a song I wrote: [ MP3 | FLAC ]
Here's a cool SFX I made:
I wrote some songs for: [Xeodrifter OST]
I wrote some songs for Mutant Mudds Super Challenge: [ Boss Medley | Boss Final ]
Here's an entire album I made for: [ Chicken Wiggle OST ]

Here's some of the games I've worked on:

Here's some other facts you might find interesting:
Here's some Windows & DOS Game development and biz software abandonware. If you don't like it, you know what to do.
Here's a bunch of old verge files. If you don't like your old demos and assets being posted, you know what to do. I know, it's embarassing.
Here's a table I made using the technology of the 1990s:
  <-- Here's an animated gif I made back in the 90s:
  Here's an empty cell. Tell me what I should put here.
  ( click here for a picture of me from the 90s, technically )